Guardianship Disputes

Winter Garden Guardianship Dispute Lawyer Guardianships, whether they are serving the needs of a minor or an incapacitated senior, can be a source of tremendous conflict. Family members often have vastly different opinions regarding guardianships, specifically: Who should be appointed as guardian — Given the amount of power a guardian has over a person’s finances and Read more about Guardianship Disputes[…]


Our office has handled litigation and disputed matters for our clients for more than thirty years. Attorney Eric S. Mashburn has been Board Certified by the Florida Bar in either Civil Trial or Business Litigation since 1993. He has extensive experience in litigation and trial matters and has handled several thousand cases over the years. We represent Read more about Disputes[…]

Business Law And Litigation

Florida Bar Board Certified Business Law Attorney As a small law firm, we understand the challenges and risks facing small businesses. We also recognize that business disputes between shareholders, partners, and employees can greatly affect the success of a business. At the Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn, P.A, we have more than 38 years of experience Read more about Business Law And Litigation[…]


Experienced Guardianship Attorney Representation in Legal Guardianship Proceedings When a person suffers from a legal disability, such as minority or mental incapacity, a guardian can be appointed by the court to manage the property of the incapacitated person. Click here to learn more about legal guardianship. We represent persons seeking to be appointed legal guardian Read more about Guardianship[…]

Rights of Surviving Spouse

Rights of Surviving Spouse Sometimes someone dies and the surviving spouse discovers that the Will or Trust of the deceased spouse leaves out the surviving spouse or grants only a token share. Under Florida law, a surviving spouse is granted a variety of rights with regard to the estate of the deceased spouse which rights Read more about Rights of Surviving Spouse[…]

Probate Administration For Out of State Residents

Administration in Florida of the Trust or Probate Estate of a Non-Resident Decedent It is quite common for residents of other states or foreign countries such as Canada to own property of one kind or another in the Florida. When a non-resident of the state of Florida dies owning property located in the state of Read more about Probate Administration For Out of State Residents[…]

Meet Winter Garden Attorney Eric S. Mashburn

Estate-related and business-related issues both have the ability to have a substantial negative impact on your life if not handled properly. It is critical that you secure skilled legal counsel when you are planning for your estate or facing some other sort of estate or business law issue. Proceeding with anything less than the utmost confidence that your Read more about Meet Winter Garden Attorney Eric S. Mashburn[…]