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You have invested so much of your time, effort and money into creating the success that is your business. When the time comes for your business to be handed down to the next generation, will it make that transition intact? The choices you make now can vastly improve the odds of a successful transfer of the ownership of your business. Preserving your life’s work, your legacy calls for experienced guidance to help you prepare for the eventual transfer of ownership.

Not making those choices now will result in your business going through probate. While considering business succession planning at the time of formation is optimal, there are steps that can be taken later that will still offer a great degree of protection. Allowing your business to be probated is a recipe for disaster.

We can help you understand what steps will work best to protect your business. We will start by discussing your situation and your goals and developing a plan to minimize the potential for taxes and other issues that can damage your business.

Helping You Protect Your Investment In Your Business

At the Law Office of Claire J. Hilliard, P.A., we offer the superior business law and estate planning representation necessary to help you build an effective business succession plan. Our commitment to the continued success of your business can help you avoid costly mistakes that may leave the business you have worked so hard to build irreparably damaged. Attorney Eric S. Mashburn has been Florida Bar Board Certified in Civil Trial or Business Litigation since 1993. Our over 40 years of experience allow us to effectively guide our clients through the challenges of business succession.

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Having skilled and experienced legal guidance for your business can help ensure that your business is well positioned for the future. Turn to the experienced Winter Garden business succession attorneys of the Law Office of Claire J. Hilliard, P.A.

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