June 12, 2017

Probate & Trust

You need an experienced attorney to handle your Probate Estate

Wills must go through a court proceeding known as probate to be given legal effect after a person’s death. Probate is also required for someone who dies without a will. Probate does not, however, have to be complicated, lengthy, or expensive if handled by an experienced probate attorney. Most formal probate proceedings handled by our office take around six months from start to finish and cost in the range of $2500-$3500, plus costs. Some cost less and others cost more. Summary administration probate proceedings usually take about two weeks. Each probate proceeding is unique based on its particular circumstances and the cost and time involved will vary. Our office will quickly evaluate your probate case and advise you as to the proper procedure and cost. Contact the Winter Garden Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn, P.A., for assistance in all probate matters. 

With more than 38 years of experience, the Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn, P.A., can provide you with competent, efficient, and reasonably priced representation in all areas of probate administration, including: 

  • Formal administration

  • Summary administration

  • Distribution without administration

  • Ancillary administration

  • Beneficiary or heir representation

  • Probate disputes.


Efficient Ways to Serve You Better

Over the years, we have developed and utilized computer software programs that allow us to produce quickly and accurately the court papers and pleadings involved in a probate proceeding. This increased efficiency allows us to expedite the probate process and reduce costs. As a result, our charges for probate services are quite reasonable when compared to other attorneys in the Central Florida area. 

Contact us at the Winter Garden, Florida, Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn to speak to a knowledgeable and experienced probate administration lawyer.

Eric S. Mashburn