Why Choose Us?

Attorney Claire J. Hilliard practices law in Winter Garden, Florida, as a sole practitioner. Her practice areas are estate planning, estate administration, paternity, and all aspects of divorce. Before becoming an attorney, she was raised as the daughter of police officers. Through that experience, she learned the importance of community and service to others, especially in challenging times. She carries these values into her law practice today.

Many of Attorney Hilliard’s clients are here by word-of-mouth or because of her five-star reviews and testimonials from satisfied family law clients. The office maintains a friendly neighborhood atmosphere where clients feel comfortable visiting without appointments. We do not stand on formalities and do not subject clients to any high-pressure sales pitches to convince them to purchase expensive estate planning. We strive to return clients’ phone calls promptly. To sum it up, we treat our clients as our friends and neighbors, which they often are.

Convenience and Efficiency

Our office utilizes information technology to make it more productive and efficient. For example, we have created a library of computer-generated probate forms, dramatically reducing the time involved in producing the documents that must be filed with the court in a probate proceeding. It allows us to charge less for probate proceedings. We also extensively use voice recognition software, document scanning, computer data storage, estate planning, and case management software to produce documents, store and retrieve files, manage cases, and communicate effectively with clients.

Accommodating Your Schedule

For estate planning clients who cannot travel, we can make special arrangements to visit them at their homes, hospitals, or assisted living facilities. For other clients who are short of time or have difficulty traveling, we offer our “Will While You Wait” service, whereby, with prior notice, we can prepare and have you sign basic wills and other estate planning documents in a single visit to the office of approximately one hour.

Reasonable Fees and No-Cost Phone Consultations

Most estate planning work and probate proceedings are handled on a flat-fee basis, which is discussed and agreed to upfront. Our charges are relatively affordable compared to what other attorneys charge for similar services. We provide a no-cost phone consultation to discuss your legal needs and to explore how we can help.

Trust C.J. Hilliard Law, P.A., with Your Family’s Best Interests

Because we are a smaller law firm, we give each case the attention it needs and deserves. We view our client relationships as partnerships, where they are actively involved in every aspect of their case. We want our clients to make informed decisions on our approach to their representation.

Attorney Claire J. Hilliard and her legal team practice exclusively in family law and stay current on all Florida laws, precedents, and trends. Knowing that family law is such a sensitive and potentially contentious matter, we are here to listen to our clients and help them through difficult times.

To further discuss our services and how we can help you, contact C.J. Hilliard Law, P.A., at (407) 656-1576. We are located in Winter Garden, Florida, and serve clients throughout Orlando and Central Florida.

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